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Out Of Character

Alexander Wang

Attica Dry Chain-embellished Leather Shoulder Bag


Etienne Maxi Dress

Saskia Diez

Paillettes Silver Ring


Out Of Character

Ever look at a picture of you and think: that is so out of character for me?

As it stands, I’m not much for color in my wardrobe.  Just look at the sea of blacks and neutrals in my closet for proof.  I’m not saying that I won’t wear color, just that about 70% of my closet is seemingly without.  I’m also not much for flats.  Then again, I do have a particular fondness for cheap rubber flip flops, and currently, loafer mules.  I also have dark colors painted on my nails for about 90% of the year.  However, there comes a point in every summer that I appear to crack.  It’s like something comes over me; perhaps it’s dehydration, or the endless sun getting to me, but I go completely out of character.  I end up in brightly colored dresses, super light nails, and flats for at least a week.

For those who know me well, they stare in abject shock.  I like your dress, I can’t believe you’re wearing it! You chose that color for your nails?  Did you shrink, where are your heels?  Pretty much like that.  I have been trying to be more cognizant in picking out items that are more brightly colored, but it’s definitely been something I really have to consciously think about.  You would think that flats would be most comfortable.  Sometimes that’s true, but most of the time, I actually find that a low heel is best for my back.  Again, it takes more thought to get myself to pick out flats.  I don’t know where the nail color choice comes from.  I think I get inspired by too many pictures of nail art, but they all just look so pretty.

Spell Etienne Maxi Dress
Laid Back London Flat Embellished Sandals
Alexander Wang Attica Dry Chain-Embellished Leather Shoulder Bag
Saskia Diez Paillettes Silver Ring
Vintage Necklace

Photos by LifeInReverie

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