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Skin Care

For the majority of my life, I’ve struggled with my skin.  No matter what I tried or how diligent I was, nothing seemed to ever work for me.  It’s always been an uphill battle, and it’s taken a lot of time and research to find the right products for me.  There was lots of trail and error, and even more research involved in finding a system that works.  Slowly but surely my skin has been improving and I’ve been seeing a real difference.

The first thing I’ve discovered, is that the solution is rarely one product, but rather a variety of products working together to solve a multitude of problems.  Which brings me to the second thing I learned: regardless of how it seems, there are – more than likely – multiple problems occurring.

I begin my routine with Bioderma Sébium H2O.  It’s a micelle solution that removes makeup, but is also formulated to deeply purify oily skin.

At least once a week I use Origens Clear Improvement Active Charcoal Mask to clear out my clogged pores.  The charcoal acts like a magnet getting all the impurities out.

I wash my face with Dermatologica’s Clearing Skin Wash after removing my makeup.  I prefer using two steps to clean my skin, since I find that just washing my face doesn’t remove all my makeup and makeup remover doesn’t clean off all the dirt my skin collects during the day.

Next I alternate between two products: m-61 Power Glow Peel and Biologique Recherché Lotion P50.  Both are exfoliating peels that help to reduce pore size but also really clear out your skin; both are also pretty pricey.  Biologique Recherché is a cult product, with reviews extolling it all over the internet.  I’ve become a serious fan.

In the mornings I put on First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Cream.  Oily skin is often oily because it’s dry, it’s producing oil to compensate.  Putting on a good moisturizer helps to reduce the amount of oil your skin produces.

At night, I apply Dermatologica Clear Start Overnight Treatment; which helps to prevent breakouts from forming while I sleep.  I also apply m-61 Powerspot Blemish Treatment to any pesky spots to help them to disappear quickly.


*Caution: Use of certain products may result in an undesirable reaction and may not be appropriate or safe for everyone.  For beauty products, I recommend that you first test products by applying a small amount to an area such as your wrist. Watch for any possible reaction. If you are not certain or you experience redness or irritation from using a product, please stop use and consider consulting with a medical professional. Please note I am not a medical professional.*

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