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Playing Hostess


Aldana Cheese Knives


Brass-Dotted Corkscrew


Paul Shell Cheese Board


Playing Hostess

Having people over is probably one of the most stressful things for me.

It’s so stressful, that I tend not to have people over.  I always feel I need to clean my apartment so I don’t look like a slob (even though it’s already clean), and I need to put away anything I don’t want people to see (tons of work papers).  Then I’m always thinking of all the cleanup after everyone leaves, and whether I’m going to fit everything in the dishwasher or if I’m going to end up washing tons of dishes by hand.  This is all before I even get to the hardest part… entertaining.  I’m a compulsive over-cooker, meaning that I always have way too much food for an event.  And while leftovers are good, figuring out how to serve everything without looking like a college student with mismatched plates is always a struggle.

I decided that I needed to start looking into affordable but presentable pieces to fill my cabinets with so at least some of the stress of having people over could be eliminated.  Heavy emphasis on the “some”.  The home section of Anthropologie is one of my guiltiest pleasures.  I dreamily walk around picturing items in my apartment, regardless of if I even need it.  It takes great restraint to not walk out with everything.  Luckily for me, I found this cheese board completely accidentally while browsing for some spring pieces.

I have to admit, I bought this bottle of Rose pretty much because of the pretty label.  Walking through Whole Foods, I saw this bottle, saw the $10 price tag, and decided to give it a try.  It’s actually really good!  Definitely worth a try, and perfect for the warming weather.

Paua Shell Small Cheese Board Anthropologie
Aldana Cheese Knives Anthropologie
Brass-Dotted Corkscrew Anthropologie
El Terrano Rosado Wine

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