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Fur Babies

To say that I love my dogs is an understatement; they’ve been my babies since the day they came into my life.

My fur babies are a big part of my life; and since they are always popping up on my Instagram, I figured I would introduce them properly.  Sammy is about 5.5 lbs of Maltese sweetness.  Inside the house he is possibly the most docile and sweet dog you will ever see.  All he wants to do is please you, and snuggle in your arms or on his bed.  Outside the house, he’s in full patrol mode – he disdains anything that breathes near his humans, he is so incredibly protective.  Needless to say that he is protective.  Sammy is the epitome of a gentleman; always sitting with perfect posture, or curled in a neat little ball.  Sam never demands your attention, and always waits patiently.  While he still looks very much like a puppy, he’s going to be twelve this summer!

Emmie is another story entirely; we are always commenting on just how weird she is.  Emmie was supposed to be 3.5-4lbs, but somehow managed to end up around 10lbs – we’re not quite sure how that happened.  She is the mushiest little girl; always insisting on sitting on your lap and basically attempts to make like a kangaroo joey and crawl into you.  She’s extraordinarily independent, and does what she wants when she wants.  Emmie is also a little too smart; she can get into ANYTHING – she very determined to get what she wants.  Emmie is naughty; she never really does any “bad” but she manages to be extremely mischievous – which could be expected for a two year old.  While Sammy can be antisocial, Emmie is the opposite.  As a puppy she went to doggie day care, and made friends with just about every dog and human there.  She barks with excitement, but is generally very friendly.  While Sammy is a gentleman, Emmie is basically a hot mess.

Sammy became part of our family when I was in High School, but Emmie was adopted to be my dog.  Ten months ago I brought her to my parents house for a temporary visit.  My apartment lease was ending and I was going to have to move.  I figured it would be easier to move apartments if she wasn’t there.  One thing led to another and now she is still there, but I have high hopes of getting my little hot mess back.  I also would like to note the irony of photography with these two: Sammy turns his head away from my IPhone but poses for my DSLR, Emmie poses for the phone but shuns the camera – I can’t win.

These two pups have recently gotten their very own Instagram – @sammyandemmie – follow them for all sorts of cuteness!

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