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Bold Beautiful Lashes

If you’re like me, you dream of waking up in the morning, looking in the mirror, and seeing bold beautiful lashes without having to apply a stitch of mascara.  Lucky for me, eyelash extensions to the rescue.

The Process and Experience

Eyelash extensions come in three varieties: silk, mink, and synthetic.  They are applied individually with a semi permanent glue.  The entire process took just over an hour for me, but can be anywhere from 45mins to well over two hours, depending on how many individual lashes are being applied to each eye.  The lashes range anywhere from 6mm-17mm and have a variety of curl shapes.  Lash sets can contain anywhere from 75 lashes per eye to almost 200 per eye.  The procedure is about as luxurious as it gets: you lie down on a bed and close your eyes.  The technician sets up your eye lashes for the process and protects your bottom lashes from getting glued.  For the most part, you feel very little, it mostly feels like someone is lightly touching your lashes; but otherwise it’s incredibly relaxing.


When you’ve woken up from your lash nap, you’re given a full list of aftercare instructions.  You have to keep them dry for 24 hours to allow the glue to set.  To make sure your lashes last as long as possible, you have to avoid sleeping on your stomach, avoid oil based products on your face, and carefully brush the ends of them with a clean eye lash brush.  The lashes themselves should last until the lash it’s attached to fall out.  You can expect to need fill ins every 2-3 weeks to keep the set full.

For me, they were a lot of work.  Firstly, I tend to sleep on my stomach, planting my face into my pillow; which resulted in tons of little lashes left behind in the morning.  Secondly, I had to change some of my makeup to make it easier to remove with a cotton swab and micellar water.  I loved the result, truly I did, but between the high cost and maintenance I chose not to continue.

Here’s the before and after.  Perhaps not the most flattering of photos, since they were taken by the technician behind me while I was lying down, but they really give you a feel for the effect that the lashes can give you.  I chose to get lashes that made an impact but still looked pretty natural – I wasn’t looking to go full Kardashian lashes for my first time, even though I’m sure they would look great.

I got these lashes done at Pucker in Soho; however, right after I got them, Pucker consolidated into their sister brand – Spruce & Bond – at the Flatiron Location.

Always make sure you go to a reputable place, with trained technicians – horror stories abound across the internet.  Do your research and read reviews!!

*this is just my personal experience with eyelash extensions.  It is by no means a guarantee or promise of what to expect.  I am not an expert, merely an enthusiast.

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