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Highs and Lows

Ulla Johnson

Aurelie Dress White

Ulla Johnson

Aurelie Dress Black

Ulla Johnson

Aurelie Dress Blue

Ulla Johnson

Aurelie Dress Floral

Ulla Johnson

Aurelie Dress Purple

Sensi Studio

Extra Long Brim Panama Hat

Flora Bella

Roxanna Hat

Sensi Studio

Straw Tote

Sensi Studio

Straw Tote Green


Highs and Lows

The highs and lows of life.  We often talk about them in a metaphorical sense, but what happens when you live and breath them?

The past 6 months have been quite the roller coaster for me.  I went from the highest of highs to the lowest of lows.  From the unbelievable joy of exploration and travel to unbearable pain and surgery.  Coming back from my trip, I was on a bit of high: I was floating on the memories of all the sights I saw, the adrenaline from traveling, the enthusiasm from all the inspiration I got.  Getting sick dropped me to a void of desperation – a place with no inspiration, or enthusiasm.  It was a place were only one thing exists, to get well.  And now that I am better, I feel like a yoyo.

To be completely honest, it’s all a great big puzzle for my head.  Every time I start to think over the last few months I’m sort of just baffled.  As in, how?  How did that much time pass, how did I get sick, how does that even happen, and how do I get my life back on track?  It’s just a little bit overwhelming, and I’m not even remotely kidding when I ask: how is it already summer?  I think everyone who’s ever had something that totally derails them has probably felt the same.  Time seems to have slipped through your fingers; the world was still turning while your world was tilted off it’s axis.

So after all of that - how do you go back to normal life?  Do you just pick up where you left off and act as if nothing ever happened?  I don't know if I even could.  While the last few months passed in what feels like the blink of an eye for me, 6 months have truly flown by.  I'm finding it impossible to pretend it didn't happen, and choosing to embrace the whole experience as a life lesson. 

These days, I'm looking for little victories and appreciating them for what they are; nothing like being stuck in bed all day to make you rejoice at getting work done.  After months out of the loop, I have this extreme motivation to get anything accomplished.  I'm organizing, cleaning out, throwing out, and plowing through things.  Basically, I'm trying to check as many items off my list as quickly as I can.

And when I'm not putting my productivity to the test, I'm looking for experiences.  I went from 7 weeks of non stop exploring to being happy when I got to leave the house.  You don't have to travel halfway around the word to find it either.  I'm finding it's really important to take the time to just enjoy; like walking amongst fields of lavender and feeling the sun beat down on my shoulders.


You can never really predict what’s going to come around the corner next.  It’s impossible to anticipate when a curve ball is going to strike, the bottom’s going to drop out, or you’re plans are going to fall through.  “Go with the flow”, it’s an expression I’ve been told many times in my life, but I’ve never really liked it.  I’m a planner, I’ll probably never be the one to just roll with it.  But I like to think I’m smart enough to realize that it’s nearly impossible to swim upstream.  So with a zen like manner completely foreign to my nature, I’m accepting the unexpected, and riding the tide as it comes.  For now that just means picking up where I left off… And living life in full bloom.

Ulla Johnson Aurelie Dress in White (I’ve linked a bunch of other color options as well)
Hat Attack Braided Sunhat with Scarf (Sold Out, I’ve linked some similar styles)
Sensi Studio Straw Tote (I’ve linked my color and another for a fun pop)

These pictures were shot at Lavender By the Bay in East Marion NY.  There were in full bloom last week and I highly recommend following their blooms next season to get out there when they are in bloom – it was gorgeous.  I also need to note, the fields were flooded with thousands of little worker bees.  Literally, thousands of bumble bees.  I HATE bees, and while I consciously know that they will ignore me if I ignore them, it’s an instinct for me to cringe away from them.  So I can easily say I probably looked like an idiot hopping around those fields trying to find the pockets with less of our buzzing little friends.


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