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Fresh White Sneakers


White Thick Contrast Lace-Up Sneakers


Lightness Square Sunglasses


FeatherBone Adler Embroidered Blouse

rag & bone

rag & bone/JEAN Ankle Dre Jean

Stella McCartney

Falabella Tote


Fresh White Sneakers

Truth time: I was never a lover of sneakers.  In fact, I downright hated them.

Now you may be thinking to yourself: who in their right mind hates sneakers?  When I was younger, I had extremely narrow feet; so much so, that finding shoes that fit was a real challenge.  In order to get sneakers to stay on my scrawny feet, I had to tie the laces super tight.  It constantly felt like my feet were being strangled by the shoes, and I grew to hate them.

Fast forward to my 20s and my feet have “filled out” from their narrow stage, but my opinions on sneakers were harder to shed.  So I continued to avoid sneakers, with the exception of my gym shoes.  About 2 years ago I finally had a shoe breakthrough; I got myself a pair of Supergas.  And I do love them, but they still have to be tied tight to fit correctly.  Unfortunately, the Supergas didn’t break my habit of avoiding sneaks.

Then last year, I found the holy grail: The APL Techloom Phantom sneakers.  I practically live in them.  They are absurdly comfortable, super light, and never need to be tied too tight.  So I’ve been wearing sneakers – and loving them – again, but so far I had only ventured to athletic sneakers and hadn’t found a pair that were more fashion than function.

So I started my hunt for a pair of what I’m referring to as “fashion sneakers”.  I needed them to be comfortable enough for me to actually want to wear them.  But at the same time I wanted them to be stylish enough that they don’t feel like athleisure wear.  It honestly took a little bit of time to find exactly what I was looking for.

You would think it wouldn’t be all that difficult: sneakers are super on trend right now.  All you need to do is spend 5 minutes on Instagram and you’ll see picture after picture of people styling sneakers in a bunch of different ways.  But I seemed to come across A LOT of pairs in trends that weren’t so wearable.  Like what’s often referred to as the “grandpa sneaker” – the super chunky type that were made popular by Balenciaga and Louis Vuitton; unfortunately, I found that at 5’3” they made my feet look disproportionately large and my legs look short.

Finally I found the perfect pair.  Clean white, simple, but still with the perfect amount of detail; these Fendi sneakers go with so much of my wardrobe.  Being white, they’re bright for summer; but because they’re leather, I can also wear them when the weather cools down.  I was a bit torn on the velvet laces – but the truth is, it’s just about the easiest thing to change if I decide I’ve had enough of them.  Recently, these babies have saved my feet from blisters that summer sandals have a tendency of causing me.

Fendi White Sneakers with Velvet Laces
FeatherBone Adler Embroidered Blouse
Rag & Bone Dre Ankle Jean
Stella McCartney Falabella 3 Chain Tote
Gucci Lightness Square Sunglasses

Photos by Laurel Creative

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