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The Five Bags You Need Now

Aspinal of London

Mini Trunk Clutch Brown

Mark Cross

Grace small smooth-leather shoulder bag


Berlin Cross Body Bag

Pop & Suki

Pink Box Bag with Luggage Tag

Hunting Season

Tula Velvet Shoulder Bag - Burgundy


Grace Crushed-velvet Tote - Blush

Saint Laurent

Anja studded velvet bucket bag


Velvet and Embroidery Pouch Bag


Quilted Leather Belt Bag - Black


GG Marmont matelassé leather belt bag

Stella McCartney

Star Quilted Faux Leather Belt Bag - Black


Topshop Prince Quilted Belt Bag


Tab Color-block Textured-leather Tote - Pastel pink


Nelia mini leather bucket bag

Danse Lente

Phoebe Bis

Meli Melo

Hetty Daphne Bucket Bag

Sensi Studio

Straw Tote

Sensi Studio

Straw Tote Green

Poolside Bags

Le Circle Tote Bag

Sensi Studio

Canasta Mejicana Baby Handbag


The Five Bags You Need Now

You know that feeling, when it’s time to get a new bag but you’re not quite sure what you should get?  Well luckily I have you covered.

The Box Bag

I've seen iterations of this bag everywhere lately.  With clean lines and a minimalist aesthetic, it's not hard to see why.  Box bags remind me of a retro school lunch box, or a vintage travel trunk.  I looked for the perfect box bag for a long time and didn't find what I was looking for.  Then, while walking through the streets of Edinburgh, I pass this shop and do a double take.  Aspinal of London isn't a brand we know well in the States, however it's quite well known in the UK.  Sitting prominently in their window display is exactly what I was looking for.  I swear it was like a hallelujah moment complete with trumpets playing (or bagpipes given the location).  I quickly snapped a picture so I could look it up more later.  Fast forward a few weeks, and I picked up this beauty at one of their locations in London.

The Drawstring Pouch

At first glance it doesn't seem like the most practical bag; it doesn't look like it can hold very much.  But I was pleasantly surprised by the drawstring pouch.  The velvet material and shape means that it holds more that it looks - think of it like a petite version of Mary Poppins carpet bag.  Velvet is so in right now, that you can purchase the luxe fabric over the Summer and use it now through the Fall.  For me it's a bit nostalgic.  When I was kid visiting family in Florida, the adults had the brilliant idea of taking the children to a Renaissance Faire.  It was all people with swords in costumes and giant turkey legs that completely freaked the you me out.  However there were two things I clearly remember: first, the fairy covered in glitter with giant pastel wings - because I was a girly girl and wanted the glitter - and secondly, little silk drawstring pouches.  There was merchant selling them, and I saw them everywhere at the fair.  I wanted one so badly, but by the time we found them - they were sold out.  I finally got my drawstring pouch.


The Belt Bag

I'm going to go ahead and refer to this trend as a MEGA trend - they are everywhere.  It's funny, because for the longest time I hated belt bags.  I have these memories of terrible fanny packs from my childhood that were worn with matching sweatsuits.  They were the complete antithesis of anything fashion.  To me they were akin to mom jeans and mini vans; practical but entirely avoided if at all possible.  Now they are the height of fashion, but the new iterations are a far cry from the fanny packs worn by tourists 20+ years ago.  I had a very specific requirement when purchasing a belt bag; it had to be able to be worn with a crossbody strap to make the bag more practical, and to give the bag lasting power should the trend fade.


The Pastel Bag

Pastel colored everything is really big right now.  However, the pastel colored bags are the perfect pop against an otherwise neutral outfit. (I've already worn this bag with black here and here)  They feel fresh and new in comparison to the standard black or tan bags that are so commonly found in stores.  What's great is that there are are a host of young brands that are coming out with these sweetly toned bags.  I always feel like a bag from a hip new designer gives it an extra layer of cool factor - so of course I made sure that mine was from one of these rising stars of the handbag world.  My theory was simple; if you're going to out and purchase a hot bag trend, pick a hip designer, in a modern shape and you'll really have all your bases covered.

The Straw Tote

Admittedly, any straw bag has a distinctly “summer” feel to it.  And while summer is halfway over, it’s still a good purchase to make.  Every year without fail I go through the same cycle.  I have it in my head that summer ends August 31st, and that come September first I’m going to be wearing cardigans.  The truth is that September can still be really warm, and you can definitely get a few more weeks out of your summer wardrobe.  Since summer is halfway over, straw bags will likely be going on sale and it’s the perfect time to snap it up: to use not just for the rest of this summer, but for next summer as well, and if you happen to go on vacation somewhere warm over the winter.

Photos by Laurel Creative

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